View Network Tunnel Group Details

Once a network tunnel group is added to Cisco Secure Access, you can view the configuration attributes of a deployed tunnel group. You can also edit the attributes of a network tunnel group and view information about the network tunnels associated with the selected tunnel group.

Secure Access also lists the status of your organization's network tunnels and information about the attributes of the deployed tunnel groups in Overview > Connectivity.

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  • A minimum role of Read Only in Secure Access. For more information, For more information, see Manage Accounts.


View the details of a deployed network tunnel group in Secure Access.

  1. Navigate to Connect > Network Connections > Network Tunnel Groups.
  1. From the list of network tunnel groups, expand a tunnel group.
  2. Click the ellipsis (...), and then choose View Details.
  1. Review the Summary details for the selected network tunnel group. You can also view the Primary Hub and Secondary Hub details.
  1. (Optional) Click the pencil icon next to the network tunnel group name to edit the tunnel group attributes. See Edit a Network Tunnel Group

Edit a Network Tunnel Group < View Network Tunnel Group Details > Supported IPsec Parameters