Add Resource Connector Groups

You will deploy resource connectors in groups, for scalability, load balancing, and redundancy. Each connector group is associated with a set of private resources in a particular data center, branch office, or security zone, and any connector in the group can connect traffic to any private resource in the group.

You will first add a resource connector group, then deploy the associated resource connectors using the provisioning key that is generated when you create the connector group.

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  1. Navigate to Connect > Network Connections, and then click Connector Groups.

  2. If you see a Next Steps section at the top of the page, scroll down to the Connector Groups section.
    You will return to the Next Steps section after you add one or more connector groups.

  3. Click Add a Connector Group.

  4. Enter a name for the connector group.
    We recommend that you indicate the data center, branch office, or security zone location in the name.

  5. Choose the Region (Secure Access cloud instance) closest to the data center location where you are creating this connector group.
    Choose the region carefully. You cannot change this later.

  6. Click Next.

  7. To determine the number of connectors to deploy in this group, enter the estimated maximum throughput capacity that the connectors in the group must handle.
    The estimated number of connectors that Secure Access recommends includes instances required for redundancy.

    For more information, see connector and capacity requirements in Requirements and Prerequisites for Resource Connectors and Connector Groups.

    This section is only for your guidance; it does not configure anything. Make a note of the number of connectors that Secure Access recommends.

  8. Click Save.

  9. Next steps:

    1. To deploy connectors for the group, see Add Connectors to a Connector Group.
    2. To assign private resources to the group, see Assign Private Resources to a Connector Group.

Allow Resource Connector Traffic to Secure Access < Allow Resource Connector Groups > Add Connectors to a Connector Group