Manage Internal Networks

A resource is an internet capable entity that is managed by your organization. After you add a resource to Cisco Secure Access, your resource is protected against threats and attacks through security configurations defined in policy rules. Secure Access can support high-level entities within your organization—for example, registered or internal networks —or very granular entities—for example, a single user logged into Microsoft o365. For more information about policy rules, see Manage the Access Policy.

An Internal Network resource represents a private address space of IP addresses. Internal networks are managed by your organization and are non-routable. Some examples of internal networks are: local area networks (LANs) found in branch or residential offices. Internal Network resources use networks or network tunnels to forward DNS traffic from your organization's internal network to Secure Access.

To start protecting the internal networks in your organization, see Add Internal Network Resources.

Delete a Network Resource < Manage Internal Networks > Add Internal Network Resources