Isolate Downgrade

When chosen as the rule action, the availability of destinations and threat categories is based on your Secure Access package's RBI support.

  • Isolate Any is bundled with the Secure Access Advantage.
  • Isolate Risky is bundled with Secure Access Essentials.

Expired or Downgraded Package Support for RBI

If your Secure Access package expires or downgrades from Advantage to Essentials, any rule with Isolate may no longer work as expected. When this happens you'll see a Subscription Alert banner on the Access Policy dashboard, as shown below.

Any rules that are impacted by a package downgrade are flagged in the rule list. You'll need to review the impacted rules and take appropriate action.

Isolate Rule Remediation

Review the flagged Isolate rules to determine what, if any, actions should be taken.

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Note: Prerequisites for internet access rules are similar to but different from prerequisites for private access rules.

Filter Isolate Rules

Note that the Subscription Alert banner for the package downgrade only appears when there is an Isolate rule visible on the current page that lists Access Policy rules. In other words, as you navigate through multiple pages of access rules, the banner appears only on pages that have an Isolate rule.

For ease of review, you can filter the rules by Intent to bring the Isolate rules to the beginning of the rules table.

  1. Navigate to Secure > Access Rules.
  2. In the Search area at the top of the rule list, click Intent and check Isolate to sort the Isolate rules to the top of the rule list.

Duplicate a Downgraded Isolate Rule

You can duplicate a Secure Access internet access rule, which can be helpful in creating a new rule with the same criteria as the original rule. With respect to downgraded rules with unsupported destinations, you can duplicate the rule and then modify it as needed. The rule will be set to Allow only, and you can edit the source, destination, and security controls. Note that you cannot modify the original downgraded Isolate rule.

  1. Navigate to Secure > Access Rules.
  2. In the sorted rule list, you can do a quick search for flagged Isolate rules you want to duplicate. Select the ellipses context menu () and choose Duplicate.

Review a Downgraded Isolate Rule

Notes on review.

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