Configure Experience Insights

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On the Configure page:

  • View your ThousandEyes organization and account group
  • View and update your ThousandEyes token
  • Update your organization's collaboration application
  • Register your ThousandEyes agent on an endpoint device


  1. Go to: Experience Insights > Settings.
  2. Click Configure Account.

View ThousandEyes Organization and Account Group

The top of the page displays your ThousandEyes organization and account group. If your organization had a previous ThousandEyes account, Cisco would have created another ThousandEyes account.

  1. In the ThousandEyes organization, row, click Remove Integration.

Edit ThousandEyes Token

Edit your token if you want to use a different ThousandEyes account or to return to the default account.

  1. In the Token field, click the paper clip icon.
  1. Follow the onscreen instructions to copy and paste your OAuth bearer token from ThousandEyes.
  1. Click Done.

Update Collaboration Application

If your organization changes its collaboration application, update it on the Config page.

  1. In the Unified Collaboration Application section, click the paper clip icon.
  1. In the Unified Collaboration Application window, click the radio button for your organization's application.
  1. Click Save.

Register ThousandEyes Agents

When you set up Secure Access, you registered the ThousandEyes endpoint agent on all endpoint devices. Each time you add a new endpoint device in your organization, you must register the ThousandEyes endpoint agent on the new device.

  1. In the Register ThousandEyes agents section, click Copy for your operating system.
  1. On a command line, run the script to install the ThousandEyes agent on the endpoint.

Result: The endpoint is now available in Experience Insights and will begin reporting data. To see the endpoint in the endpoint list, navigate to: Experience Insights > Management.

  • Note: The process for managing your ThousandEyes account is different than the process for managing your Secure Access account. In Secure Access, you choose whether to save logs for events and traffic for your account to the data center in the United States or Europe. For more information, see Manage Logs.

Set Up Experience Insights < Configure Experience Insights > View Endpoint Performance Map