Step 2 – Configure Access to Resources

The Get Started with Secure Access workflow guides you through the tasks in the Secure Resources and Access step—secure your private resources, enable access controls on resources, and create policy rules. For more information, see Manage Private Resources.

Table of Contents


Task 1 – Set Up Private Resources

Configure access to private resources for your users. Private resources are private subnets (IPv4 routes) and applications deployed and managed by your organization.

Task 2 – Configure Rule Defaults and Global Settings

Set up Secure Access rule defaults and global settings to access private resources.

Manage Rule Defaults

Manage Global Settings

Manage the settings that apply to all policy rules. The Secure Access policy has both global and default settings.

Global Settings:

Default Settings:

Task 3 – Add a Policy Rule

Configure and add rules to the Secure Access policy.

What's Next

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