Add a Private Resource Group

You can create private resource groups with private resources and use these components as destinations in private access rules. Private resource groups enable you to apply access rules consistently to all resources in the group.

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Configure a resource group with the private resources in your organization.

  1. Navigate to Resources > Private Resources, choose Private Resource Groups, and then click +Add.
  1. For Private Resource Group Name, enter a meaningful name for the resource group. For Description, we recommend that you provide information such as the purpose of the resource group.
    Note: The description is optional.
  1. For Choose Resources, add resources to the group:
    a. For Copy from existing private resource group, choose a resource group name to add the resources in that group to your new resource group.
    b. For Choose Private Resources, check the resources and click the arrow (greater than sign) to add the selected resources to the group.
  1. Click Save.

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