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Secure Access is Cisco's cloud-based platform that provides you with multiple levels of defense against internet-based threats. Cisco Secure Access enables you to connect securely to the internet, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) apps, and your private digital resources, whether you connect from your organization's network or roaming off a network.

In Secure Access, you can apply and enforce comprehensive security controls on collections of resources, users, and devices. The Secure Access policy is a container for your security configuration rules. Organize your policy rules to protect your users and permit access to resources. The Secure Access policy manages the connections and resources for users and devices in your organization, and the network components that forward traffic to resources.

Secure Access collates various reports and logs. The Secure Access Overview dashboard and Security Activity report show snapshots of user and device traffic and connection events over distinct time periods. You can audit digital behaviors and observe top network and security activities in your organization.

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After you receive an invitation to log into Secure Access, set up the accounts for the users in your organization and configure network connections. For more information, see Sign into Secure Access.

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