Manage Endpoint Security

Secure Access is a converged cloud security solution that enables fast, reliable, and secure private network connections to your applications. End users are assured of a secure, transparent user experience, anywhere they work — office, home, or on the road. User devices can read, write, and update private resources by setting up virtual private networks (VPNs) or zero trust network access (ZTNA) connections to Secure Access through IPsec network tunnels .

About Endpoint Posture

Posture is a service in Secure Access that allows you to check the state, also known as posture, of all the endpoints that are connecting to a network for compliance with corporate security policies. This allows you to control user access to protected areas of a network.

About Posture Profiles

Posture profiles define requirements for end-user devices when accessing the network and private resources. There are two types of profiles, depending on your connection type:

  • VPN - Define posture requirements for end-user devices connecting to the network using VPN. The VPN client must be installed on the end-user device. Requirements are checked when the device connects to the network. See Manage VPN Connection Posture Profiles.
  • Zero Trust Access - Define posture profiles for user devices that connect to resources on the network without using VPN. See Manage Zero Trust Access Posture Profiles.

Endpoint Posture Assessment

Endpoint posture assessment involves orchestrating and performing data collection and evaluating the posture of a given endpoint.

Typically, endpoint posture information is gathered and then published to appropriate data repositories to make collected information available for further analysis supporting organizational
security processes.

Endpoint posture assessment typically includes:

  • Collecting the attributes of a given endpoint;
  • Making the attributes available for evaluation and action; and
  • Verifying that the endpoint’s posture is in compliance with enterprise standards and policy.

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