Edit the Order of the Rules in Your Access Policy

The order of the rules listed on the Policy page is critical to traffic handling.

Traffic is handled by the first rule in the list that matches the traffic. Rules lower in the list have no effect on traffic that matches a rule higher in the list.

Order your rules so that more specific rules are above more general rules that might also apply to the traffic.

Put essential rules at the top, such as rules blocking access for all users to sites that you absolutely do not want any users to visit.

If no rule in the list matches the traffic, Secure Access applies the applicable default access rule for the type of traffic (internet access or private access.) Default access rules (one for each type) appear at the bottom of the Policy page.


For rule matching of encrypted internet traffic:

See Important! Ensure Rule Matching for Encrypted Internet Traffic.

An error in configuration may result in unintended results: Resources may be unprotected from threats or users may access destinations you want blocked. Plan and design your rules before you build them.

Ways to reorder rules:

  • On the Access Policy page, right-click a rule and choose one of the following options:
    • Move to top of the list
    • Move to bottom of the list
    • Move to and then choose an order
  • While editing a rule, click the Rule Order field and click the rule you want to be immediately before the rule you are moving.

Show Additional Data on Access Rules < Edit the Order of the Rules on Your Access Policy > Rule Defaults: Default Settings for Access Rules