Report Retention

The reporting of information begins as soon as you start sending traffic to Secure Access.

The following reports are available for one calendar year:

  • Top Destinations
  • Top Categories

Activity Volume is retained for one calendar year.

You can review and filter reported data on various timelines. Timelines vary depending on the report, from the last hour to the last thirty days, and in some cases, custom date ranges in increments of time—up to 30 or 90 days—going back one year.


The following reports are limited to a 30-day search window:

  • Top Destinations
  • Security Activity
  • Activity Search

Note: Secure Access does not retain Security Activity or Activity Search data for more than 30 days.

Admin Audit Log Retention

The Admin Audit Log retains data for one year. You can access data in three-month increments. For more information, see the Admin Audit Log Report.

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