Manage Threat Categories

Secure Access groups harmful destinations into categories based on the type of threat they present, and allows you to control access to those destinations. You create lists of threat categories to block access to, then specify a threat category list in each web profile, then specify a web profile in each internet access rule.

For a list of all threat categories and a description of each, see Threat Categories.

Default Threat Category List

A default threat category list ships with Secure Access. This default list is included in the default web profile and by default in all web profiles that you create.

You can change the enabled threat categories in the default list, and you can create different threat category lists to use in different web profiles.

The following threat categories are enabled in the threat categories list that is included by default in web profiles: Malware, Command Control Callbacks, and Phishing.

Reporting on Threat Category Access Attempts

When traffic is blocked based on one of these categories, Secure Access generates a reporting event.

If a domain matches a threat category but is not set to be blocked by a web security setting in the web profile selected for your rule, it is still reported as an allowed visit to a destination that matches one of the threat categories.

Enable SafeSearch < Manage Threat Categories > Threat Category Descriptions