Copy and Customize a Data Identifier

You can copy and customize your own data identifier based on threshold and proximity. For a list of built-in data identifiers, see Built-in Data Identifiers.



  1. Navigate to Secure > Settings > Data Loss Prevention Classifications.
  2. Expand a data classification.
  3. Expand a data identifier and click Copy and Customize Data Identifier.
  1. Give the data identifier a meaningful name and description.
  1. For Threshold, add the number of instances of this identifier you would like matched in a document before it is activated.
    A threshold of 10, for example, only monitors or blocks a file if 10 instances of the identifier are found in the file.
  1. For Proximity, add proximity keywords to match against the pattern. The keywords need to be found within 10 terms of the original pattern.
    For example, add keywords such as "Visa" and "Mastercard" to match against a credit card identifier.
    Then click Add.
  1. Click Save.
    The custom identifier appears under Custom Data Identifiers when creating or editing a classification.



The pattern field is the built-in regular expression designed for this identifier and cannot be edited.

Built-in Data Identifiers < Copy and Customize a Data Identifier > Create a Custom Dictionary