About Cisco Security for Chromebooks

As an IT admin, you need to know which employees are sending certain DNS and web requests so you can create and enforce security policies about their identities and their use of cloud resources.

The Cisco Security for Chromebook client is a Chrome-browser extension that leverages DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) to provide enhanced protection and performance for Chromebook devices. The software client enforces DNS and SWG protection for end users on Secure Access with:

  • DNS-layer security for the entire Chromebook OS
  • Secure web gateway (SIG) protection for the Chrome browser

Key benefits 

  • Enhanced security: Added support for custom block pages, safe search, and intelligent proxy (capabilities that were not available in the legacy DNS Chromebook client).
  • OS protection: Extends DNS protection beyond the Chrome browser to all Chromebook apps and components.
  • Unified client experience: Unifies protection for DNS layer and SWG layer in one client.
  • Selective SWG enablement: SIG customers that want to enable only DNS protection (DoH) for Chromebooks have the option to disable SWG for their organizations.
  • Faster page load:  By leveraging DoH, the client offers a faster and more effective browsing experience.

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