Get Started with the Cisco Assistant

The Cisco Assistant for Secure Access creates internet and private access rules on your policy from natural language prompts. Access rules determine whether users and user devices can connect securely to the internet and your organization's private resources. For more information, see Manage the Access Policy.

The Cisco Assistant generates valid access rules. The assistant does not interact with or update any other settings, profiles, API keys, or network components or connectors in the organization.

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Launch the Cisco Assistant and start creating access rules on your policy.

Launch the Cisco Assistant

  1. Navigate to Secure > Access Policy, and then click the Cisco Assistant icon.
  1. From Welcome to your Cisco Assistant, click Next.
  1. Review the recommendations for interacting with the Cisco Assistant.
  1. Click Launch AI Assistant.

About the Cisco Assistant Navigation Menu

The Cisco Assistant navigation menu provides tools to help you work with the AI app. You can find the tools on the assistant's top and left side navigation menus.

Expand the Cisco Assistant to Full Screen

  1. Click the maximize (outward pointing arrows) icon to expand the assistant to use a full screen.

Open a New Browser Tab for the Cisco Assistant

  1. Click the go to (box with arrow out) icon to open a new browser tab and load the assistant.

Close the Cisco Assistant

  1. Click the minimize (inward pointing arrows) icon to close the assistant.

Start a New Conversation on the Cisco Assistant

  1. Click the + (plus sign) icon to clear the conversational messages on the assistant.

About the Cisco Assistant Prompt Bar

The Cisco Assistant prompt bar is the area where you enter your natural-language instructions to create access rules. You can create rules in your policy by composing a set of commands that the assistant converts into an access rule. If the assistant interprets the prompt correctly, Secure Access generates new access rules and adds the rules to your policy.

What's Next

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