Bookmark and Share Reports

Secure Access stores the report state in the URL, making it easy to share a report with colleagues or bookmark a report for future use.


  • A minimum user role of Read-only. For more information, see Manage Accounts.


  1. Navigate to Monitor > Reports > <report>.

  2. Filter the report to display the data you need.

  3. Use your browser's bookmark function. When you retrieve the bookmark the report will have the same filters applied. You can also share the URL of the page with any colleague in your organization with access to your dashboard.

    If the report has a relative date filter—last 24 hours, last 7 days, and so on—the relative date is applied. If the report has an absolute date filter (for example, Jan 7, 2019), the absolute filter is applied.

Export Report Data to CSV < Bookmark and Share Reports > Report Retention