Add Connectors to a Connector Group

A resource connector is associated with a connector group. A connector group helps manage the connectors in your cloud environments.

You can use the pre-configured connector images to deploy resource connectors in your data centers. During deployment, associate each connector with a group using the connector group's provisioning key.

If you need additional throughput capacity to handle the volume of traffic that a connector group must handle, add connectors to the group. You can add resource connectors to a group at any time.

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Step 1 – Deploy Secure Access Resource Connectors

  1. Obtain the connector image. For more information, see Obtain the Connector Image.
    You can download the image once, then use it for multiple connectors in multiple groups.
    All connectors in a group must use the same environment, for example AWS, Microsoft Azure, or VMware.
    However, before deploying, ensure that you have the latest image version.

  2. Copy the provisioning key for the connector group where you are deploying connectors.
    You must have this key when deploying connector instances. For more information, see Provisioning Keys for Resource Connectors.

  3. Deploy connector instances in your environment.

Step 2 – Confirm Connectors

After connector instances launch, they automatically connect to Secure Access. Before you can use connectors, you must accept the connectors in Secure Access to confirm that they are expected and legitimate:

  1. In Secure Access, navigate to Connect > Network Connections, and then click Connector Groups.
  2. Expand Confirm Connectors .
  3. If necessary, wait up to 15 minutes for just-deployed connectors to launch and reach out to Secure Access.
  1. Review the list of deployed connectors to ensure that all are expected and legitimate.
    The Origin IP Address of the connector may indicate where the connector is located, which may help you determine if it is legitimate.
    If there are connectors in the list that you are unsure about, you can revoke or disable them before you confirm the others. Disabled connectors will still be confirmed but will be inactive; revoked connectors will not be confirmed. Revoking a connector invalidates the current provisioning key and generates a new key, so you will need to use the new key for subsequent connectors that you deploy. For more information, see Disable, Revoke, or Delete Resource Connectors and Groups.
  2. To confirm all connectors in the list, click Confirm Connectors.

Step 3 – Assign Private Resources to Connector Group

Connectors send user traffic to the private resources assigned to the connector group, which the connectors belong to. For more information, see Assign Private Resources to a Connector Group.

If you see issues with a newly deployed connector, see Connector diagnostics (CLI).

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