Find Your Organization ID

Every Secure Access organization (Org) is a separate instance of Secure Access. Organizations are identified by their account name and a unique numeric organization ID (Org ID).

The Org ID is used to identify your organization when deploying network tunnels and enrolling users and groups in the organization.


  • A minimum user role of Read Only. For more information, see Manage Accounts.


  1. Sign in to Secure Access.
  2. Check the URL in the browser's address bar:<orgId>/#/<page> where orgId is your unique Secure Access organization ID.
  3. Navigate to the name of your user account, and expand your username to view the organizations where the username is a member. Confirm that you are signed in to the correct Secure Access organization. Your organization name is listed under your account name.
  4. Click Switch Organizations to change to another Secure Access organization.
  5. Locate System Status—the overall health status of Secure Access.

Sign Into Secure Access > Find Your Organization ID > Determine Your Current Package