Google Workspace Identity Service FAQ

Q: What is the Google Workspace identity service?
A: The service is an enhancement to the Cisco Security Chromebook client. The service enables you to use Secure Access policy enforcement based on your Google Workspace organizational units.

Q: Why is the Google Workspace super administrator's ID needed to enable Google Workspace identity service?
A: To query Google Directory Services using their API, Google requires the super administrator ID. Secure Access uses the ID only to query organizational units and to map users from the Google Directory Server.

Q: How long does it take for Google Workspace identities to appear in Secure Access?
A: Google Admin console organizational units and user information updates take up to 60 minutes to appear in Secure Access.

Q: Can I use the Google Workspace identities service feature without having the Cisco Security Chromebook client?
A: No.

Q: How do I configure the Google Workspace identity service with Secure Access?
A: See Integrate the Google Workspace Identity Service.

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