Begin Secure Access Onboarding Workflow

The Get Started with Cisco Secure Access workflow guides you through the initial setup of Secure Access. Sign in to Secure Access and navigate to Workflows. The first step in the Get Started workflow takes you through the setup of your organization's network connections—network tunnel groups and network tunnels. At the same time, you can provision users and groups from your organization in Secure Access and set up integrations with Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) identity providers (IdPs).

After you establish network connections, begin the Secure resources and access step in the Get Started workflow. Secure resources and access includes: designing endpoint posture profiles, IPS and security profiles, and policy rules. Then, in the Configure end user connectivity step, define traffic patterns for remote user connections to resources—configure DNS servers, Zero Trust, virtual private networks (VPNs), and internet security settings.

As an administrator, review and audit connections and traffic events in the Secure Access logs and reports. Start with the Secure Access Overview. For more information, see Secure Access Overview.

Get Started < Begin Secure Access Onboarding Workflow > Step 1 – Configure Network Connections