Create a Custom Dictionary

You can add terms and expression patterns to a custom dictionary, which can be used when editing or creating a data classification. To add a data classification, see Add a Data Classification.



  1. Navigate to Secure > Settings > Data Loss Prevention Classifications.
  2. Click Add Custom Dictionary.
  3. Give the custom dictionary a meaningful name and description.
  1. Add terms and patterns to your custom dictionary.
    Note: Terms and patterns cannot be uploaded or entered as a CSV. Each term must be entered individually.

    a. For Terms, add up to 100 terms and click Add for each term.
    b. For Pattern, enter 3-150 characters of a regular expression. You can add up to 10 patterns to a custom dictionary. For more information, see Custom Regular Expression Patterns.


Enter sample text in the Test box. Click Test to verify the pattern matches, then click Add.

  1. Click Save.
    Your custom dictionary appears under Custom Data Identifiers when editing or creating a classification.

Copy and Customize a Data Identifier < Create a Custom Dictionary > Custom Regular Expression Patterns