Control Cloud Access to Google G Suite

The Secure Access tenant controls profile manages access to the cloud-based application Google G Suite. Once added, you can select this profile in an internet access rule.


The following Google G Suite specific data is required to configure Tenant Controls settings and allow access to to the cloud-based suite Google G Suite:

  • Domains
    For more information about this data and how to acquire it, scroll to "Use a web proxy server to block accounts" in G Suite Admin Help.


  1. Navigate to Resources > Internet and SaaS Resources.
  2. Select Tenant Controls.
  3. Click Add or expand the default Global Tenant Controls profile.
    Note: Tenant controls is enabled by default for a rule. A rule uses the default global tenant controls profile if no other tenant controls profile is configured for that rule.
  1. Give your configuration a good descriptive Profile Name and select Google G Suite.
  1. To grant access to Google G Suite from within your organization:
    a. Add an enterprise domain and click Add.
    Note: You can add multiple domains.
  2. Click Save.
    This new Tenant Controls setting is now available for selection when you add an internet access rule. For rule requirements specific to tenant controls, see Use Tenant Controls in Access Rules.

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