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Cisco Secure Access provides flexible secure connectivity to the internet, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, and your private digital and network resources. Secure Access enables you to connect seamlessly to on-premises data centers, public clouds, or private networks from both remote and on-network locations.

Secure Access supports various network configurations and security controls through policy rules. The Secure Access policy defines how your organization manages network traffic, which sources can reach available resources. In a policy rule, you can combine settings from web profiles, posture profiles, security profiles, and resource access configurations (content categories, application lists, destination lists, security settings), and indicate if the rule is high priority. Rules are organized and controlled entirely by your organization. For more information about policy rules, see Manage the Access Policy.


What's Next

  • Begin the Get Started with Cisco Secure Access workflow. Provision your organization's network connections and users and groups, and set up integrations with SAML identity providers (IdPs). For more information, see Begin Secure Access Onboarding Workflow.

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