Manage Application Lists

Secure Access organizes application-based resources into categories based on the type of process or service provided, for example: shopping, education, or human resources. You can add applications or application categories to an application list. Once saved, application lists are available to choose as destinations in your internet access rules.

Use application lists to simplify destination management and apply access rules consistently. However, you can also choose individual applications and entire application categories directly in internet access rules.

For some applications, you can allow access to the application but block activities such as uploads, downloads, or posting. For more information and a list of applications that support these blocks, see Advanced Application Controls.

When a new application is added to a category, Secure Access automatically adds that application to all configuration settings that include that entire category. For each application list, the new application will use the same default action as that applies to the Application category as a whole.

Note: It is not possible to search for an application with fewer than three letters in its name—for example, "QQ" or "YY". These applications must be manually picked from the tree under their respective categories or wildcarded in search—for example, "QQ*". This behavior is by design.

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