View Traffic Data Through SWG Service

App Discovery provides traffic data through the Secure Web Gateway (SWG ) service. Traffic is reported in bytes in and bytes out.

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  • A minimum user role of Read-only. For more information, see Manage Accounts.

View Traffic

  1. Navigate to Monitor > Reports > App Discovery and locate the DNS Requests by App Risk graph.
  1. Click Web to display Traffic by App Risk.
  1. Click All Traffic to open the drop-down and then choose to view All Traffic, Inbound Traffic, or Outbound Traffic.
  1. Hover on a point in the graph to view details about the traffic by app risk for that date.

View Traffic in the Apps Grid

  1. Navigate to Monitor > Reports > App Discovery and click one of the app labels to open the Apps Grid.
  1. Click the action menu to open the drop-down of options for columns displayed in the grid. Select the columns relevant to traffic and then click Apply.
  1. View the traffic, bytes in and out, of applications by total, outbound, or inbound traffic.

View Traffic in the App Details

  1. Navigate to Reporting > Core Reports > App Discovery and click the name of an app to view its details for the last 90 days.

Details include the total and blocked traffic in bytes.

  1. Navigate to the Identities section of the app details and view the total Traffic and Blocked Traffic.

Control Advanced Apps < View Traffic Data Through SWG > Top Destinations Report