Manage Notification Pages

Secure Access displays notification pages to end users when users try to:

  • Access a destination that is blocked by web profile configurations in an internet access rule. In this case, they see a Block page.

  • Access an internet destination that matches a rule that is configured with the Warn action. In this case, they see a Warn page.

You can display the default Secure Access notification or create one or more custom notifications to display in different situations.

Each web profile is associated with a single notification page configuration that includes both Block and Warn pages.

To view notification pages displayed to end users:

To display custom notification pages to end users:

  • Create custom notification pages for blocked destinations and destinations in rules configured with the Warn action. See Create Custom Block and Warn Pages.
  • Configure one or more web profiles to use custom notification pages. See Add a Web Profile.
  • In the default web profile, choose the block and warn pages to display when traffic matches internet access rules that use the default web profile. To choose a default web profile, see Edit Rule Defaults and Global Settings.
  • Configure internet access rules to use the web profiles which you have configured to display your custom notification pages. If you want to display a Warn page, choose the Warn action in the rule.
  • Deploy required certificate(s). For more information, see Certificates for Internet Decryption.
    If user devices do not have the necessary certificate, users will see standard browser error when they try to access a blocked destination.

Warn Pages: More Information

When end users try to access a destination in an access rule configured with the Warn action, they must click a link in a warning message in order to access the destination.

A Warn page, once clicked through, allows content access for one hour. After one hour, the Warn page reappears and the user must click through again to access the requested destination.

About Block Pages for Private Access Traffic

The notification pages described in this section do not apply to private access rules. See Manage Private Access Rules.

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