Default Settings for Internet Access Rules

You can choose default settings that will automatically populate newly created access rules by default.

Configure these settings on the Rule Defaults page: Navigate to Secure > Access Policy, click Global Settings and Rule Defaults, then click the Rule Defaults tab.

The following settings apply to internet access rules:

  • Intrusion Prevention (IPS) Profile
    Specify the traffic-inspection behavior to use by default in new access rules.
    This setting applies to both private access rules and internet access rules.
    For more information about IPS profiles, see Manage IPS Profiles.
  • Web Profile
    Specify a default set of settings that control security and other interactions for end users accessing the internet.
    For more information about web profiles, see Manage Web Profiles.
  • Tenant Controls
    If your company uses Microsoft 365, Google G-Suite, Slack, or Dropbox, you must configure tenant controls.
    For more information about tenant controls, see Manage Tenant Control Profiles.

For details, see Rule Defaults and Edit Rule Defaults and Global Settings.



Choose rule defaults carefully; changing these settings later may impact existing rules. See Important Information About Changing Rule Defaults.

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