Global Settings for Internet Access Rules

Global settings generally apply to all rules. However, some settings apply only to private access rules, not to internet access rules.

Do not change global settings unless you have a specific reason to do so.

If your company uses either of the following, verify that the applicable global settings are correct for your company:

  • Microsoft 365 applications
  • Applications that use pinned certificates

Decryption-related settings:

  • Decryption for IPS
    Intrusion prevention requires decryption in order to be effective.
    In general, you should not disable this feature.
    For troubleshooting purposes, you can temporarily disable decryption for intrusion prevention for all access rules.
    This setting applies to both private access rules and internet access rules.
  • Decryption Logging
    Choose whether to enable or disable logging of decryption events for internet access rules.

For more information about these settings, see Global Settings for Access Rules.

To change default rule settings, see Edit Rule Defaults and Global Settings.

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