Enable Cloud Malware Protection for Dropbox Tenants

Table of Contents


  • Full Admin user role. For more information, see Manage Accounts.
  • You must have an active Dropbox tenant
  • You must have the Dropbox Team Admin role
  • Chrome or Firefox (recommended) with pop-up blockers and ad blockers disabled (only for the duration of authorization)


  • Secure Access does not scan team folders on Dropbox.

Authorize a Tenant

  1. Navigate to Admin > Authentication.
  1. Under Platforms, click Dropbox.
  2. Click Authorize New Tenant to add a Dropbox tenant to your Secure Access environment.
  1. In the Dropbox Authorization dialog box, check the checkbox to verify you meet the prerequisite, then click Next.
  1. Enter the tenant name, then click Next.
  1. Click Next to be redirected to the Dropbox's login page.
  1. Log in to Dropbox with admin credentials to grant access.

You are redirected to Secure Access and a message appears showing the integration was successful. It may be up to 24 hours for the integration to be confirmed and appear as Authorized.

  1. Click Done to complete.

Revoke Authorization

  1. Under Action, click Revoke. You can revoke any authorized tenant.
  1. Confirm to proceed. The selected account is not authorized.

Revoke Authorization for a Platform < Enable Cloud Malware Protection for Dropbox > Enable Cloud Malware Protection for Box Tenants