Monitor Secure Access with Reports

Use Cisco Secure Access reports to monitor your Secure Access deployment and to better understand your Secure Access usage. Gain insights into request and block activity, determining which of your sources are generating blocked requests. Reports help build actionable intelligence in addressing threats including changes in usage trends over time.

Available Reports

  • Remote Access Logs— Lists users that have remotely connected to Secure Access and requested access to destinations.
  • Activity Search—Search for activity from the sources in your environment over a selected time period.
  • Security Activity—Lists security-related activity in your environment over a selected time period.
  • App Discovery—Provides information about the cloud apps in use in your environment.
  • Top Destinations—Lists the top traffic-generating sources over the selected time period. Filterable by source and destination.
  • Top Categories—Lists the most popular security and content categories for your organization over the selected time period.
  • Data Loss Prevention—Lists security events related to content classified as personally identifiable or sensitive information.
  • Cloud Malware—Lists malicious files detected within your organization and provides details of the potential risk and exposure these files present.
  • Admin Audit Log—Lists a record of any configuration changes made to your settings by any of your Secure Access administrators.

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