Reserved IP Supplemental Terms

Cisco Secure Access Reserved IP Supplemental Terms

Effective January 31, 2024

1. Scope of Use of Reserved IP

1.1. The Cisco Secure Access Reserved IP Service provides the applicable end customer (each a “Customer”) with one or more public, static Internet Protocol (IP) address/es based on purchased quantity, assigned to Customer (each a “Reserved IP”). Customer is authorized to use a Reserved IP assigned to it solely with its Secure Access subscription during the term of Customer’s subscription. Customer’s right to use a Reserved IP assigned to it shall immediately cease upon the earlier of (i) expiration or termination of Customer’s Secure Access subscription, (ii) Customer’s surrender of the Reserved IP back to Cisco, or (iii) the date such Reserved IP is reclaimed by Cisco as described below.

1.2. Reserved IPs are designated for use with a specific cloud provider region provided for Cisco Secure Access and is not portable to another region. Customer web traffic configured to forward to the applicable region will egress through the Reserved IP assigned to that region while web traffic not configured to forward to the applicable region will egress through a shared IP.

1.3. If a Customer’s Reserved IP is associated with a country other than the country where such Customer’s traffic originates, the Customer may request that the Reserved IP be updated in Cisco’s geofeed. In such case, Cisco will use commercially reasonable efforts to update its geofeed to associate the Reserved IP with the country where the Customer’s traffic originates. Cisco cannot guarantee that third parties will honor the Cisco geofeed designation.

2. Third Party Notifications

If Customer registers the Reserved IP with any third-party site, Customer is solely responsible for notifying all such third parties immediately upon expiration, termination, surrender, or reclamation of its right to use the Reserved IP. Customer acknowledges that the Reserved IP will be assigned to another customer and Customer assumes the risks associated with its failure to notify the applicable third parties that such Reserved IP is no longer in use by Customer.

3. Ownership; Right to Reclaim

3.1 Public static IP addresses are a limited resource. Cisco reserves the right to cap the number of Reserved IPs per Customer. Cisco owns the Reserved IP, and Customer does not own nor have any property interest in the Reserved IP. As stated above, Customer’s right to use the Reserved IP expires on expiration or termination of Customer’s Secure Access subscription, upon Customer’s surrender of the Reserved IP to Cisco, or upon Cisco reclaiming a Reserved IP as contemplated below.

3.2 Cisco shall have an unrestricted right with thirty (30) days advance written notice to Customer to reclaim any Reserved IP (other than Customer’s designated failover Reserved IP) during the Customer’s subscription if its usage is less than 5% of Customer’s aggregate secure web gateway (SWG) bandwidth usage during any year of Customer’s subscription unless Customer provides reasonable evidence to Cisco of its use or planned use of such Reserved IP within 15 days of Cisco’s written notification. In the event Cisco reclaims a Reserved IP, Cisco will refund a prorated portion of the prepaid fee paid to Cisco for the Reserved IP for the remainder of the unexpired subscription term.

4. Right to Modify or Discontinue

Cisco reserves the right to modify or discontinue the provision of public, static IP addresses at any time with or without notice.

5. Compliance with Policies and Assistance

Customer must comply with all policies and procedures established by Cisco for the assignment and setup of all public static IP addresses. Cisco may modify such policies and procedures without notice. Customer shall provide any information and assistance as may be reasonably requested by Cisco related to the setup, maintenance, and termination of any public static IP addresses.

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