Add Rules with the Cisco Assistant

The Cisco Assistant for Secure Access is a generative artificial intelligence (AI) app that can help you create access rules on your policy. The assistant is based on a Cisco Secure Access AI model that is customized to build and generate valid access rules. For more information, see Get Started with the Cisco Assistant.

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Use Cases

You can interact with the assistant on Secure Access to add both internet or private access rules to your organization's policy and create multiple rules from a single natural language prompt.

  • Internet access rules—Control managed devices' access to resources on the internet.
    For more information, see Manage Internet Access Rules
  • Private access rules—Control access to applications hosted on your data center.
    For more information, see Manage Private Access Rules

Capabilities of the Cisco Assistant

  • Interprets natural language prompts, generates internet or private access rules, and adds the generated rules to your organization's policy.
  • Detects the type of access rules to create from the language used in the prompt.
  • Creates multiple rules with various rule components and actions.
  • Understands how to interact with an organization's administrator safely and with respect.
  • Provides spelling suggestions for source and destination names.


  • The Cisco Assistant is available on Secure Access to create access rules.
  • The Cisco Assistant may return false or inaccurate information.
  • The Cisco Assistant only interprets text-based, in-scope command prompts.


  • The Cisco Assistant saves your conversational instructions or prompts and has data protection safeguards built into the application.
  • The Cisco Assistant does not remove any data from your organization and can not add a policy rule without an administrator's approval.
  • The Cisco Assistant guarantees that the generated access rule is valid and only contains the correct source and destination components for the policy type with the appropriate rule actions.
  • The Cisco Assistant is restricted in it's generative capabilities and prevents inappropriate interactions with the application.


Secure Access logs the addition of rules to your policy, including rules generated by the Cisco Assistant. For more information, see Admin Audit Log Report.


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