Control Advanced Apps

Applications within App Discovery can be blocked or allowed based on risk assessment. In addition to blocking all content for an application, you have the option to instead block only specific content, such as file uploads or posts.


Secure Access Packages

Advanced App Controls are not available to all Secure Access packages. To determine your current package, navigate to Admin > Licensing. For more information, see Determine Your Current Package.

You can edit the controls of apps with advanced app controls while reviewing applications in the App Discovery Report. You can filter out apps with advanced controls and edit their application settings in the Apps Grid, or edit the application settings in the app's Details page.



  1. Navigate to Monitor > Reports > App Discovery.
  1. Click any of the discovered apps labels to enter the Apps Grid.
  1. Choose Advanced Controls under the Controllable Apps filter.
  1. Choose an app to control and click Control this app.
  1. The application settings window appears with options for the various policies affected by the app. The app can only be added to application lists currently active in a policy.

a. For DNS application settings, choose Block, Allow, or Block Uploads (if applicable).


b. For Web application settings, choose to block all content from the app, or to block specific types of content such as uploads.

  1. Choose a label to help with filtering and reporting and then click Save.

Control Apps < Control Advanced Apps > View Traffic Data Through SWG Service