Manage Internet Security on Cisco Secure Client

Cisco Secure Client is Cisco's endpoint security client application that enables secure connections to private resources, software as a service (SaaS) apps, and internet resources protected by Secure Access. The Cisco Secure Client is configured with various software modules. A Cisco Secure Client module may require the deployment of a certain profile to run the module successfully. A system configuration manager or remote monitoring and management (RMM) system can download and deploy the Cisco Secure Client on an organization's user devices.

A Roaming Device is a user device that has Cisco Security Client deployed on the device with the Umbrella (Roaming Security) module.

Cisco Secure Client deployed with the Umbrella module enables secure internet access on user devices. The Umbrella module includes:

  • DNS-layer security
  • Web security—Secure web gateway (SWG)

Once deployed, Cisco Secure Client registers the user device with Secure Access and the device is added to the list of Roaming Device resources. Cisco Secure Client syncs with Secure Access periodically and the user device's web traffic is protected by the Secure Access policy. An organization's administrators can manage Roaming Devices protected by internet security in Secure Access. For more information, see Manage Internet Security.

For more information about the Cisco Secure Client, see Cisco Secure Client (including AnyConnect) Administrator Guide, Release 5.1.

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