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SaaS (Software as a Service) monitoring is the process of monitoring and analyzing the performance and availability of SaaS applications to ensure reliability and peak performance. View the status of the most common SaaS applications that are used by today’s enterprises to gain greater awareness and control of the end-user experience.


  1. From the left menu, go to: Experience Insights > Management.
  2. Scroll down to the Common SaaS applications performance module.
  3. From the location drop-down menu, choose a Cisco data center (for example, US Pacific Northwest).
  1. View the results for your chosen location, including:
    • Status - denotes whether the SaaS application is reachable.
    • Response Code - denotes the interaction between the client and the server. A successful response code falls within the 200-299 range.
    • Description - conveys the reason for the issue if a SaaS application is not reachable.

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