Generate OAuth Bearer Token

This topic describes how to generate the OAuth bearer token that you will need when you set up Experience Insights. An OAuth bearer token allows you to authenticate to the ThousandEyes API using a token without providing a username.

For information about the ThousandEyes integration with Experience Insights, see About Experience Insights.


  • You must have a Cisco ThousandEyes account with administrator access.


  1. Open the welcome email from ThousandEyes and configure your login.
  2. Log into ThousandEyes.
  3. From the left menu, select: Account Settings > Users and Roles.
  1. In the User API Tokens section, in the OAuth Bearer Token field, click Create.
  1. In the OAuth Bearer Token window, the token displays.
  2. Click Copy.
  3. Click Got it.

Result: The OAuth bearer token is copied to your clipboard. Save the token in a place that you will remember so you can access it easily when you set up Experience Insights.

Set Up Experience Insights > Generate OAuth Bearer Token