View Security Events

The Security section of the User Dashboard displays user-specific security events including rules and allowed/blocked events.

  • Note: Data will display in the Security section only if the user is enrolled in Zero Trust Access.

Events are generated for various reasons, including when a security rule is triggered. Security rules are created based on access policies that you define in Secure Access to control risky and disallowed activities. For more information, see Manage the Access Policy .


  1. From the left menu, navigate to: Experience Insights > Management.
  2. On the Endpoints summary page, click a user name.
  1. On the User Dashboard, scroll down to the Security section.
    • The Security chart shows the number of allowed and blocked events for the user for up to the last 30 days.
      • To see a comprehensive view of the events associated with the user, click the Activity Log button.
    • The User-Associated Rules section displays the rules that triggered most frequently, arranged in descending order.

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