Manage SaaS API Data Loss Prevention

The Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policy helps to protect sensitive data uploaded to the web. It can discover and protect sensitive data stored and shared in your cloud-sanctioned applications. Granting Secure Access permissions to the APIs of customers’ cloud tenants allows for discovering malicious files and files with data violations. You can enable more than one tenant of a supported platform. For example, a school administrator, with an instance of Box for faculty and another instance for students, can enable both tenants. This results in complete malware protection and data loss prevention for Box.

Note: Secure Access does not save the tenant credentials. For revocation and re-authorization, insert the credentials again.

You can authorize the following platforms, all of which have support for both Cloud Malware and DLP.

Enable Cloud Malware Webex Teams < Manage SaaS API Data Loss Prevention > Enable SaaS API Data Loss Protection for Microsoft 365 Tenants