View an Endpoint's Posture Profile

The Endpoint posture section of the User Dashboard shows the user's endpoint posture profile. A posture profile is a set of criteria that an endpoint must meet to access your organization's network and corporate resources using VPN or Zero Trust Access.

After viewing this information, you might decide to reconfigure posture policies for VPN or Zero Trust Access. For more information, see: Manage VPN Posture Profiles or Manage Zero Trust Access Posture Profiles.


  1. From the left menu, navigate to: Experience Insights > Management.
  2. On the Endpoints summary page, click a user name.
  1. On the User Dashboard, scroll down to the Endpoint posture section.

Zero Trust Access profiles specify user device requirements when connecting to corporate resources using Zero Trust Access.

  • The client-based Zero Trust Access profile is used for devices on which the Cisco Secure Client is installed and the device is enrolled with Zero Trust Access.

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